We empower confident partnerships by supporting clients with their vendor selection

Focussed on your success

If your organisation is looking to engage and onboard new partners, we support the end to end process.

Identify your needs

  • Establish the evaluation criteria

  • Define the strategy one pager

  • Document a set of strategic objectives

  • Define a set of use cases (technical, business, functional)

  • Identify what is important for your business (cultural, ethical)

  • Set a timeline for the process including milestones and outputs

Leading the RFP Process

  • Define and create an engagement RFP and RFI

  • Manage the end to end RFI & RFP Process

  • Co-ordinate suppliers and internal resources

  • Define and manage scoring process

  • Manage Vendor Presentations and Demonstrations

  • Collate Stakeholder Feedback

  • Produce output report

Bid Management

  • Support Commercial Negotiations

  • Review bid financials and benchmark against the market

  • Review bid content against requirements

  • Supplier Referencing

  • Supplier Financial Report including risk profile

Vendor Shortlisting

  • Vendor Qualification & screening

  • Vendor Longlist

  • Vendor Shortlist

  • Recommendation Report


  • Support supplier onboarding and ramp up

  • Readiness for internal management

  • Define and communicate the governance framework

  • Handover to the client team


Why we are different

Our team has overseen and managed over 80 engagements from both the supplier and the customer perspective, we know how the process works and we understand what is needed to get the best value for your business.


Projects Launched




Global supply chain relationships

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We remove the stress on your business by managing an effective selection process 

We remove the stress on your business by managing an effective selection process 

We remove the stress on your business by managing an effective selection process 

We remove the stress on your business by managing an effective selection process 

We remove the stress on your business by managing an effective selection process 

Our team is made up of dedicated experts who understand the need to build development squads of the highest calibre.

Fully transparent

We offer a fixed price engagement model, allowing you to manage the costs of your vendor selection, if required we can support a scoping initiative through to the final docusign contract being completed.


Our process removes pressure from the internal team and provides the leadership an effective selection process needs to ensure success.  Our commitment is to working with your business and suppliers to cement the very best engagement possible and transition this into a successful programme or project.


We know our field, and we have over 100 years of combined delivery experience which means our customers rely on us to offer advice and support with key vendors.  We know and understand the challenges of delivering projects and change initiatives.

Honed over time

Our process

Define the needs

Before we start it’s critical we are all aligned on the ask.  From solution vendor, implementation partner or management consultancy it’s important to ensure we have a picture of what your business needs and what success looks like.


Ensure we can measure

The importance of traceability in a selection process should not be underestimated, from use cases to vision, functional requirements or business objectives we need to ensure we have metrics to measure against.  We work with your stakeholders to define the criteria we need to measure against.


Manage the process

We lead the process end to end, supporting vendor shortlisting, RFI and RFP process, managing the bid process, engaging with or operating as your procurement department and carrying out due diligence and where required using our lawyers to review and communicate commercials to empower clients in their decision making.



Once the process is complete, the vendor selected and the commercials agreed it’s time to start the handover to the business teams who will run the programme or project but supporting the onboarding of the supplier.


Enough Talk, Let's Grow Something Together